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Ruby Red and Emerald Green

Diamond drops

Kaze no Omoide
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This is a Community for SephVin lovers as well as yaoi and Shonen-ai lovers =D
^^ If you wanna join this, just request =D Then I'll add you in. =) Just keep these rules in mind so our world would be a better place to live in. =D


~No flaming user and works although constructive critism is welcomed. =)
~No stealing anything in this community please =) If you wanna use anything, just drop a comment and ask for it. =) Nobody will bite you for asking. =)
~Have an open mind =D
~Chat and chat =D And make this a lively community so it doesn't feel dead. xD


Oh yeah by the way, this might contain some ahem* (in other words, lil kids shouldn't be seeing) stuffs so~ =D make sure you can take it! xD