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Golden Sands

~*Chapter 1*~

Light curtains fail in the dark windy nights, in the heart of the country Saahal, a sleeping figure shrugged in his sleep and huddled closer to the silk blankets around his body while the wind attacks him with it's onslaught of cold icy gales. A phantom in the night sneaked through the palace gates and entered the compound of the sakura garden. With the skill of a cat, he jumped into the open window and immediately hid behind the screens. The sleeping figure jolted awake and looked around with panic. "Is someone here?!" He exclaimed.




 He got up slowly, huddling the blanket to his body and grabbed his royal fan and sword as a shield and weapon. Silently he edge near the screen and slashed it from behind. Nothing? Out of the blue a large hand close around the man's mouth and nose, the smell of chloroform evident on the cloth covering his respiration system as he inhaled the scent and fall limp in the phantom's arms.


Thrown in a confinement chamber roughly, voices hushing and whispering quietly among themselves, the sound of horse hoofs on cold hard land, it has been going on for awhile. The man in the chamber felt around. It was small, rectangular, just right for his side with a little space to move. A box? Perhaps... Then the gallop of the horses stopped. And the box was heaved on something else. Then the rest of the road was floaty and uneven as if it were hills but it was floaty... sand dunes? The mens who kidnapped him had put him in a box for awhile now, not letting him out to eat or drink. But the captive wasn't hungry or thirsty. He was fearful.


The journey had stopped it seems then he felt mens carrying the box he was in and moved along and then settled down on the land almost carefully. He couldn't hear what was outside but he knew he was in troble. "My king, we are merchents from the land far east of Saahal. We bring you this box as a gift and token of our king's gratitude. He want's to form a diplomatic tie with sire." A man in black with his face covered only showing his eyes quoted to the King.


Sephiroth looked rather disinterestedly at the merchants. "What is inside?"



he merchats smirked and smiled. "It is for sire and only sire to find out. We are given orders not to open it for sire because it is a priceless gift only for your eyes." Then he signalled to the other merchats. "I'm afraid we have to leave. We have missions to go to back at home. Thank you sire." Withouht waiting for an answer, Then left abbruptly, vanishing into thin air with a cloud of smoke.


Sephiroth sighed. Another useless gift of gold and precious stones from Saahal. Quarassies had so much gold and turqoise and amythyst and other precious materials, they started making coffins out of the stuff. There was no need for any more. He motioned for the servants to take it away. "I'll check into it later tonight," he told his advisor. "Remind me, won't you?" He stood up. Gold glinted from his large necklace. He wore a simple cloth around his waist and reed sandles. He had come in from a hunt before ushered into the chamber to look at some pathetic merchants. Even if they did vanish in smoke. "Run the bath," he told a servant. He told another to get a meal from him from the cook.



"That egret I killed today. I am famished."


He took off to the royal baths. Slaves in the bottom level always kept the fires running so that he could take a bath whenever he liked. A servant took his jewelry, and another his clothing. He slipped into the hot water. Servants surrounded him, bathed him, washed and combed his hair. Plucked out his armpit hair. Three girls danced for his entertainment, swinging weights by their hair. A couple musicians provided music. Perfumes were added to the water, or spread on Sephiroth's body. He closed his eyes, content. One of his most beloved servants was mumbling in a deep voice the story the dancers told. After the bath, Sephiroth walked, perfumed and bejeweled, through his castle. His sandles were gold, and he didn't wear a simple cloth, but covered his entire body in silk cloths. Hmm.... maybe Saahal sent a box of silk? That was possible, and silk was more useful than gold. He greeted his royal advisor and told him he will check the box now. His servants led him to the treasure room, and he ordered it open.


As the lid raised itself, the captive man, dressed in his silk sleeping robes, winced as sunlight streamed through the opening right into his eyes. He cringed and felt the heat gliding across his skin and coughed as alien air filled his lungs. It smelled of fresh sand and water as well as strong perfume. He pushed himself at the furthest corner of the box and tried to remain out of veiw but it was a box. He failed miserable. His whole body was exposed to his captors. Is he going to be raped? slaughtered? sold to a brothel? Thoughts were flying though his head like wildfire. His midnight hair was still perfect as if he had just combed it but his clothes were a tad bit wrinkle. The robe was open slightly, revealing his pale feminine chest but it was clear he was male due to the fact that it was flat. His hands and feet were bound and his weapons were at the other end of the box. He can't get there in time to slice the ropes and escape. So he resigned to his fate and faced away from his captors.


Sephiroth sighed. They should at least warn him if whatever is in the box is alive. It could have been stuck in the room for weeks. "Lift him," he ordered. He paced around the man, inspecting him. "Remove that," he nodded towards the clothing. It was removed. Sephiroth thought a bit. "Harem," he said, and the servants led the man off. The man, better yet know as the youngest prince of saahal cursed under his breath. "Ch... Ni men shi sui?! Fang kai wo!!" Vincent shouted at them in his own language. His shirt was peeled off and he was led to harem?! Who do they think they are?! "Wo shi Saahal de hwang zhi!! Fang kai wo!!"



Sephiroth rested. He played a game of Kentess with his favorite servant and listened to the drone of his voice as he spoke of some sort of epic poetry from a faraway land. "Nessus, your voice will sooth a lioness who lost her cubs," he said. He won the game and lazed on his couch.  He ordered grapes to be brought in. He reclined and occasionally picked a grape for the vine. "What do you think of the newest harem addition?" he asked. "A bit too thin, a bit too starved, I think. Maybe the girls will take care of him, and he'll turn into a real gem, but I don't know... From Saahal... I can't even understand him."





Vincent cursed under his breath. He was abducted dammit?! Can't these people understand?! And what was with these girls playing with his hair and shoving food to him?! Anyway, he stuff himself with the food and drink as he was starved and asked the girl for a bathing place. The harem girls giggled and led him to the pool just outside of the king's chambers. "She me?! Chai je lie?!" Vincent was dumbfounded. Out here?! He was suppose to bath out here?! The girls all broke into a fit of giggles and stripped him of his clothes and dippedhim in the pool and bathed him like a doll. The man was terrified to wits ends. What the hell??! Vincent tried to cover himself of with futile attempts and at last the girls have pity on him and let him bath alone.

The prince dipped a red sating cloth in the water and scrubbed himself with it slowly and leisurely. He sighed and forgot that the pool as outside the king's chambers and all his problems... for now.


Sephiroth lazed on the couch but was feeling restless. He needed something to do. Something unliesurely. He hunted several hours ago, he shouldn't feel so... energized. "You know what, Nessus? Bring that new harem boy in. He might as well show what he can do." Nessus walked out of the room with aged grace. How Sephiroth loved Nessus. He was like a father, brother, and best friend to him all at once.


Vincent was leisurely moaning in content as the cool waters hit his hot body. Then when he was done, all of the sudden, the group of girls returned and almost gave him a heart attack. They appeared out of nowhere and started to rub him lightly with a soft scented perfume much akin to coconut? (i wanted to say celery XD) vincent blushed and frowned as the girls were shameful. And then they dressed him up in his silk robes but replaced the sash with a thinner one. The next moment he was being dragged by the girls to a place he did not know. "The king wants him" the man told the girls. Vincent was dragged off into the king's chambers where he was given a slight push and a little giggle from both the harem girls into the room where he just stood there feeling uncomfortable. He couldn't see anyone yet.



"You mei you ren?"



Sephiroth soon appeared, taking off his golden ornaments. He sat on a pile of silks and furs. He inspected his newest harem addition with interest. "Do you speak Quaer?" he asked in his language. “Wo kei yi shou bu guo wo bu yao gen ni shou! Chi se la ni!!" Vincent spat. He could speak the language, but that doesn't mean he want to communicate with this person. He was ABDUCTED HERE FOR GODS SAKE. And now he was treated as a boy toy?! Not a chance. Vincent glared at the man before him. The prince thought this was a warlord or something. He didn't know the man before him was a king.


Sephiroth frowned. He didn't understand what he was saying, but the tone was apparant. He looked at his harem boy. "If you want to be treated well," he motioned over to a table of food, you'll dance for me." He motioned to his dancers who danced. "If you refuse to do what I tell you, you'll be whipped." He motioned to the dancers who stopped dancing and looked sullen, and one of the guards took his whip out to threaten them. Vincent glared at Sephiroth. Then he weighed his judgement. If he were to be hurt, the chances of escape is not very apparant. So he settled on the first choice. He was a rpince dammit! THank goodness his mother forced him to learn fine dancing arts.



Vincent too his sheild fan from his robes and the guards immediately pointed spears at him. The prince ignored them and pressed a button and a small click was heard. The fan separated into two different fans altogether. from a sheild it became 2 normal dancing fans. Vincent started to moved his hands and body gracefully as the music began to beat. He did impossible acrobatics and danced fast and slow he twirled and swirled and finally he ended his dance in a bow. "Ni kai xing mah?!"


Sephiroth smiled. He beconned Vincent by curling his index finger from Vincent towards himself. "Come here," he said. Vincent edged to Sephiroth warily and stood in front of him while glaring at the finger that beckoned him. Sephiroth motioned towards Vincent's clothes then towards the dancers again, who dutifully pulled off their garments with seductive grace. "Undress," Sephiroth said smiling. Vincent frowned and jerked back clutching his robes as if someone were to grasp it away from him. "Bu yao!" He glared at Sephiroth. "Ngo ng wui hoi sam pei lei!!"



Sephiroth looked at him, then flicked his gaze to the guard, then retrained his gaze on Vincent. His face no longer smiled. The guard with the whip took a step forward and uncurled his whip, then waited for Sephiroth's command. "Undress," Sephiroth said softly. The dancers, now used to be interpreters, shook themselves, making their lack of clothing apparant. Vincent started to panic. The only way to get out of this was to undress and.... Vincent squirmed and he blushed. HARD. It was like the redness of his cheeks had appeared out of nowhere. Vincent gasped and stepped back clutching the cloth to himself even closer. Sephiroth gave the guard a steady glance. The guard nodded and flicked his whip. It cracked, just short of Vincent's back. The dancers instantly stepped together. Whipping was unwelcome to them, and the presence of one being used frightened them.



Vincent flinched. How dare they.... The prince lost his embarassment and glared hard at Sephiroth. "How dare you meager citizen treated me like this?! I'm the youngest prince of Saahal!" Vincent hissed to Sephiroth's face. His fury was unimaginable. Never in his life was he this humiliated. Sephiroth looked at his harem boy. "So you do speak Quaer." He stood up. "I hate being lied to." Nessus took his cue and took Vincent by the shoulder to lead him away. Sephiroth snapped at the guard to go after them. The gaurd smiled, dragging his whip behind him as he walked up to Vincent and took him by the other shoulder. "Well, youngest prince of Saahal. You were delivered in a box from the King of Saahal himself. I daresay he wouldn't send his own son. Take him away, make sure he learns Quaeressiessian manners."



Vincent hissed. "There is no father. The king is my brother." Vincent hissed. He was roughly pushed on the floor and the guards stepped back and cracked a whip down on Vincent's back. The prince chocked on a gasp of pain and braced himself for another and another. He never screamed. He never cried. He endured and endured the pain. His back was bleeding through the silk cloth, staining his robes with water blood red stains and he was shivering. Sephiroth watched the whipping. Twenty strokes and he held up his hand.


"Take him away, Nessus."


He motioned the dancers over and had them follow and take care of Vincent. They helped Vincent up. They still didn't have clothes on, since they had not recieved the order of putting them back on. Sephiroth ignored the jibe on the kind of Saahal. Plenty of people had come to him, trying to make him wage war on the nation. He just didn't need to yet. Vincent lay limp on the dancers hands with his tear streaked face and bloody back.  Vincent gazed into Sephiroth's eyes sadly and resigned to his fate. His brother had betrayed him. Sending him as a gift. He knew his brother hated him due to the fact that he was much smarter and more agile than him in martial arts and fine arts. He thinks that Vincent might ursup the throne when he thinks it's the right time. Little did he know all Vincent wants was a quiet life.



The girls led him back into the harem bath where harem girls crooned over him, washing him and bathing him. One of them pulled a doctor forth, chatting animately in a language that no one knew. The doctor put ointment on the wounds and bandaged them. "Don't wet them," he said in a heavy accent. Meanwhile, Sephiroth paced around his room. Nessus' voice droned on, more epic poetry, more songs of praise. "What is on your mind?" he finally asked. Sephiroth glared at him. "Forgive me, its not my place to know," Nessus said humbly. Sephiroth continued pacing while Nessus droned on and on and on. "That's enough, Nessus," Sephiroth finally said. "I am to sleep." He walked out and into his ornate bedroom. The bed was made of gold and piled with silks and furs. Guards lined the doorway and the balcony which let in a cool, sea breeze. Sephiroth heard soft plodding and smiled. He hand reached off the bed and was licked by a panther. It was imported from another land, far beyond the sea as a cub. It was so dark and black, and so cute that Sephiroth had bought it instantly when the keepers displayed the wares beside his palace. It plopped next to his bed and stretched. The golden cuffs on its feet clanked against the stone floor.



Vincent lay limp on the bed with his injured back. He couldn't stand it anymore. He was going to escape and it has to be tonight! Vincent gathered his only belongings. In the dark of the night, he sneaked out. It was an alien place to him and he didn't know which way was out. A couple of guards on round duty was approaching and Vincent jumped into the nearest room. And... little did he know... he was in the king's chambers. Vincent hid behind the screen hoping he hadn't made too much noise to wake the person up. The panther woke when it smelled an unfamiliar scent in the room. It rose and plodded softly to Vincent. With an screech, it jumped on him, claws digging in to flesh. The guards instantly had their spears trained. Several lit candles.


A/N: My friend and my rp together. =D It's still not done yet. XDOh yeah, Vincent's speaking in Mandarin. Except for one verse where he spoke in Cantonese because I didn't know how to put the word in Mandarin. XD Enjoy~


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Jun. 8th, 2008 05:15 pm (UTC)
This is soo good eventho I dont understand the mandarin part but I can guess.
Jun. 8th, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
lol XD Vincent's just being childish. XD

"Ch... Ni men shi sui?! Fang kai wo!!"
(Ch...Who are you?! Let me go!")
"Wo shi Saahal de hwang zhi!! Fang kai wo!!"
(I am the prince of Saahal!! Let me go!!)
"She me?! Chai je lie?!"
(What?! Over here?!)
"You mei you ren?"
(Is there anyone here?)
“Wo kei yi shou bu guo wo bu yao gen ni shou! Chi se la ni!!"
(I can speak but I won't speak it to the likes of you! Go and die!!)
"Ni kai xing mah?!"
(Are you happy now?!)
"Bu yao!"
"Ngo ng wui hoi sam pei lei!!"
(I won't undress for you!!")
Jun. 9th, 2008 05:28 am (UTC)
Re: xD
^_^ Thankies...love your stories, did you just started writing or am I missing much more? Im still fairly new in FF7 so I'm still looking for more ficcies to read.
Jun. 9th, 2008 07:12 am (UTC)
Re: xD
Well actually I've been writing since last year I guess. =D I wrote "Sins cannot be forgotten" "Prelude of Sacrifice"(sequeal to the famous Diabolic by Ookami Kasumi) "Trinity Umbrella Chronicles" These can be found on Fanfiction.net under penname: SapphireMateria.

But My internet's a bitch and it won't let me load ff.net anymore D: So I resorted to LJ. Golden Sand can only be found on LJ though. XD And so will future fics from me. =D But everything I write is SephVin. xD ALL of them. XDD
Jun. 9th, 2008 05:51 am (UTC)
PS: Why didn't you use the LJ cut...save spaces in your lj.
Jun. 9th, 2008 07:19 am (UTC)
Well actually I've been writing since last year I guess. =D I wrote "Sins cannot be forgotten" "Prelude of Sacrifice"(sequeal to the famous Diabolic by Ookami Kasumi) "Trinity Umbrella Chronicles" These can be found on Fanfiction.net under penname: SapphireMateria.

But My internet's a bitch and it won't let me load ff.net anymore D: So I resorted to LJ. Golden Sand can only be found on LJ though. XD And so will future fics from me. =D But everything I write is SephVin. xD ALL of them. XDD
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