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~*Autumn Wind*~

Disclaimer: I do not own Sephiroth or Vincent. I only own the angst and storyline as well as the price and princess.

~*Autumn Wind*~

A Sephiroth/Vincent fan fiction


Once upon a time there lived a prince, who fell in love with this princess. Unfortunately, the prince’s step mother, forbade him to have any qualms with the maiden, because she was impure. Her lineage was tainted by commoner’s blood. However, the prince ignored his step mother and proceeded to court the princess.


By time and patience, the princess fell in love with the prince too. For the first time in her life, she smiled. The prince immediately declared her as his future queen. Upon learning the news, the current queen was furious. She sent guards to assault the princess and locked her deep inside a chamber guarded by a dragon.


The prince was devastated. He wanted to save the princess and set off. But the queen stopped him and told him that the dragon was not to keep people in. It was to keep her out. She was a demon incarnated princess and he should stay away from her or else she would die.


The prince wanted nothing more than to kill his step-mother. Nothing could compare to the hate he accumulated. Over the years, he soon forgot about the princess and lived his life as a king who loved his people, but never smiled. He had lost it a long time ago. But… he forgot the reason why.


“The end.” Vincent smiled down as the child who lay in his hands starts to doze off. Baby soft silver hair cascade down barely above his shoulders covering his face. Vincent reached over and brushed those locks away revealing sleepy droopy eyes smiling as Sephiroth swatted his hand away and pouted. “Vincent-chan, can I be your prince?”


The Turk’s eyes widen in surprise, and then he smiled. “Of course... but… why am I the princess?” Before he could get his answer, the little boy was already asleep snoring lightly. His hands around Vincent’s waist loosely, head nuzzling Vincent’s chest.


The brunet wrapped his arms around the small boy and tucked the boy in bed. He was ready to leave the room when Sephiroth unconsciously caught his finger and refused to let go. Vincent shook his head in defeat and settled next to the boy and pulled him closer.


The sun set as night takes over day; workers were returning home from work to the arms of their mates, as the moon takes over the sun.




Golden red leaves fall from their braches as the warm autumn wind blows. In a mansion, not very far away, through the grand mahogany door, down elegant spiral stairs, through metal doors, underneath the ground. A room, a coffin, a tear, a sigh.


“Let me be your prince.” He said as he lowered his lips down on pale parted ones. Vincent closed his eyes as his mind swirled around. How did it turn this way? The little boy who had once hugged him like an older brother, who loved him like his close sibling, who talked to him as if he were talking to one of his best friends, was now kissing him, like a lover, like he owned him, like he… Loved him.


Sephiroth’s hand sneaked over to cup Vincent’s cheeks and the other behind his neck to deepen the kiss. Vincent’s mind was reeling. This is wrong. This child… no. Man, was her child. Her son, how could he taint her memory by doing this with him? He had betrayed her in so many ways…


Sephiroth pulled back and gazed into Vincent’s crimson eyes. He held that gaze and whispered. “I love you. Let me be your prince. I will never leave you alone, I will never abandon you like the prince. I don’t care even if you carry chaos.”


This, felt right. To be loved, to be held by these strong arms… to be rained over by silver strands. But…







A sigh,

A tear,

A kiss,

A click,











Ignore the grammar mistakes... I know I have bad grammar... ^^" ahahaha... I'll post the picture I drew for this fic soon~ =D till then hugs and kisses =) 



 ごめんセフィロス.” (I'm sorry Sephiroth)



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Feb. 4th, 2008 05:17 am (UTC)
Love the tale XD
Aug. 24th, 2010 02:55 pm (UTC)
sweet ^__^
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