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Golden Sands

~*Chapter 2*~

A Sephiroth X Vincent Fanfiction



Sephiroth woke with a start. "Senay! Back!" he barked.


     Vincent winced when the claw dug into his chest. A panther? Vincent remembered the day when his father had shown him one. Even though it was painful, Vincent stroked the panther lovingly on top of it's head. It seems that he had fallen into the tiger's den so it seems. The panther screeched again and dug the claws in deeper. "Back Senay, back!" Sephiroth barked. He stood up and pulled the panther back by the ornamented collar. Vincent gasped in pain as the panther dug his claws in deeper but breath a sigh of relief as the claw retract itself. His chest was now slightly bloody. So this was his fate wasn't it? To die like a slave...



    The guards moved towards Vincent and removed his shield and weapon. "Coming into my room in the dead of the night with weapons. I'd think you were trying to kill me. Usually though, assassins don't try to blame the king of Saahal for their capture and also try to kill the king they've been sent to. Slave, I suggest you don't run away in the future." He motioned his guards over and told them to take Vincent away. Back in the harem room, Vincent had to be bathed and washed and healed again. The girls began to have a poor opinion of him, and the doctor too. Two guards stood beside him, making sure he wouldn't escape again during the night.



    Vincent huddled into the corner of his area in the harem and held himself quietly. He rocked thro and fro, trying to calm himself down. A girl, by the name of Saran, approached him. "Hello there... what's your name?" The prince looked up blearily at her and nodded in politeness.



She giggled. "Vincent... that’s a nice name... you're the only boy here you know..."


Vincent looked around and returned his gaze at her. "Well, I guess the master is turning gay now."


    Saran burst into a fit of giggles and gasped for breath. "No... He just takes interest in beautiful things. I guess... Why do you keep escaping?" She asked curiously. Vincent remained silent. Should he tell? Saran twirled around and giggled. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Vincent head shot up. The other girls in the harem glared at Saran. "Keep quiet!" and older female said. Her beauty came from jewels and clothes and the skills in putting them on.


"Don't you see, he's not a good slave? Stay away from him, or you'll turn the same way!" she crowed.


"Then His Highness won't like you!"


Saran glared at them. "Shut up you!"


    Then she turned to Vincent. The prince stared at her "You know, you're the only one nice to me... " Saran smiled fondly at him. "Because you remind me of my brother."

"Your brother?"

She sat beside him. "Yeah... He passed away last year." Vincent lowered his head ashamed.

"I'm sorry."

She laid her hand on his hand. "Don't be. You can be my brother if you like."


"Yeah. And tell you what, I'll tell you a secret. The master can do really 'good' stuffs to you if you follow him."

Vincent blushed at her implement. "Oh my god! You're a virgin aren't you?!" she gasped. Vincent blushed hard.

"I.. beg your pardon?!"

Saran giggled and stood up. "Well then, see you later! I got to go sleep now!" Then she walked away leaving Vincent alone. He laid his head on the makeshift pillow and tried to sleep.



    The next day, Sephiroth was woken up by Senay licking his face. He groaned. She was like a dog sometimes almost. Well... made sense, she was trained with the dogs when she was a cub. Sephiroth got up and pushed her away gently. "Nessus?" he wondered aloud. The servant crept out of the room adjoining his.


 "Yes, your highness?" he asked.


        Sephiroth looked toward him. "I'll take my bath at the pool today," he said. "Gather the slaves." Nessus set off while Sephiroth cuddled his panther. Ugh, he felt so hot, the breeze from the sea was sticky and humid. He couldn't wait for the pool to be ready. He showed up, dressed in his simple cloth. A trail of servants plodded after him, holding more clothes and jewels. The slaves at the pool should be ready for him.



    Vincent awoke with the busy chatter of the harem. Saran walked over. "The master's taking a bath by the pool today!!" Vincent tilted his head in confusion.


 "Meaning he's making a pool party!!"


Vincent frowned. "Don't you mean sex fest?"

Saran chided him. "No silly!!"

The rest of the girls all put on their best make up and best dresses. Saran was dressed in her dress too. But all Vincent had was his night robes which had been washed and dried. "Come on!!" Saran latched onto his arm and dragged him to the pool where the other girls were. Sephiroth entered the full pool hall. Servants took his clothing away and he stepped down the marble steps into the pool. The harem girls crept up to him one by one to massage his muscles or to wash him with scented oils. He also called them up one by one so that they would seductively put a fig or grape into his mouth.



    Vincent refused to do as he was told. But there wasn't a choice. He couldn't afford to be hurt anymore. So when I was his turn to feed Sephiroth a grape, he prayed the man would choke and die. The prince plucked a grape from the tray and swiftly brought it to Sephiroth's mouth as he remained straight face. Sephiroth smiled at him. He was going to prove most amusing in the coming days.


    The other harem girls glared at him. They flooded around Sephiroth, swimming naked, or with clothes on or sitting on the marble by Sephiroth and holding trays of food. Saran received many smiles from him, but finally, Sephiroth chose another girl. She blushed and nodded her head and crept out of the room. The harem girls stopped fighting for Sephiroth's affection and continued to wash him. More expertise servants started grooming his hair, pouring more scented oil and rubbing his scalp. In the corner of the pool, the older harem woman was scolding Saran.


"I told you not to talk to that boy. You saw how he smiled at you. He was going to choose you but didn't because he thought you were probably already influenced by that evil boy."



        Vincent moved towards the far end of the pool to wash himself up, he didn't even want to be here in the first place. Saran glared at the woman. "Who are you to condemn me?! At least I talk to that poor boy! You are a pitiful crow who yearns for his majesty's love when you know there's no way you can obtain it!" She spat at her. "At least his majesty smiles at me at that alone make me happy unlike you!" In a huff she turned away and moved to Vincent.


"Hey are you alright?" Vincent glanced up at her and nodded.


"I... just need a little alone time..."


Saran placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him. "If you need anything, just call alright?"


Vincent nodded. Then he turned and glanced at Sephiroth.



    Sephiroth enjoyed himself in the bath, listening to the girls play and talk and fool around while he was washed. Soon, the girl he chose came back in, dressed lavishly. Musicians strummed a tune. She danced, clothes fell away. Sephiroth jangled his fingers towards the rest of the harem and they started dispersing. The dance became more seductive and led up to the water's edge. Sephiroth came out and was dried with cloths hurriedly. The dancing girl took off her last articles of clothing when there wasn't anyone left in the room, and the dance soon finished. Servants piled up furs in a corner and covered them with cloth and silk so as to not get the furs messy. Sephiroth kissed the girl languidly. He took a bottle of oil and oiled her breasts while the rest of the servants and musicians filed out. She used the rest of the oil on her lower self. They had sex. Then Sephiroth and the girl went back into the pool to bath themselves off again, and Sephiroth called the servants back in to dress him and bejewel him. The girl giggled and blushed and told her friends about the experience.



    Vincent shook his head in their shamelessness and proceeds out to the pool once again. He was starting to like the pool. The prince lifted his robes slightly and dipped his legs in the pool and hummed a tune his mother had taught him. In one hand he held a jade flute Saran had given him after he told her he can play it. Then she made him blow songs for her until she fell asleep. Vincent held the flute fondly and blew a sad tune as the wind blew. The pool waters were warm at night so it kept him warm.


    Sephiroth was falling asleep when he heard the flute. It put him in a restless mood because he didn't know where it was coming from. He wandered his palace until he came into the pool hall again where Vincent was playing the flute to the one of his favourite harem girls. He stood in the doorway and listened.


    Vincent played the song and finished it. Then he stopped and got up, He carried Saran to her place and brought the blanket to cover her. Then he went outside again and played another song. But halfway he stopped playing and stared up to the moon sadly. He sang. Vincent sang about the moon, about his country, his father and his mother, and his brother's betrayal. His melodious voice rang softly around the pool area as he continued to gaze at the moon and stars, hugging himself in the process. The waters were getting cold but Vincent didn't want to retire yet. He still wanted to gaze at the stars. He did not notice he was being watched.



    Sephiroth smiled to himself. His opinion of his newest addition heightened. This is what he wanted. He was the epitome of beauty, singing sadly, softly, in the dark. He walked out of the pool house softly and returned to bed. His panther licked his hand good night and he smiled when he slept.

Vincent got up from the pool and gazed into the master's chambers. Then he moved his gaze away and went into the harem and fell asleep on his cot. Dreaming about silver hair and emerald green eyes.



The next morning, Sephiroth woke up chilled. He frowned. Sea weather, so finicky. The cool breeze was refreshing against his face. He stayed there for several long minutes.


Vincent woke up at the same time. The other girls were still sleeping. Maybe... he could go out and take a bath without people fussing over him? Sounds like a plan. Vincent got up and walked silently to the pool and dipped his leg in. Brr... Freezing cold. He wanted a bath... but it seems like he isn't getting one. So Vincent sat by the pool side and gazed into the waters.

Sephiroth woke Nessus in the adjoining room.


"Bath, hot bath," he requested. "Just you, no slaves."


He took his bath, Nessus washing him, then dressing him. Sephiroth hugged him. "You just had to be like that new slave. Always defying me until that day."


"I've learned my lesson, highness," Nessus said.


He knew what Sephiroth was talking about. He had been a harem boy, until he defied too much, and was made a eunuch. Sephiroth smiled. "That boy is also defiant, but he sings magically. Bring him to me," he said. Nessus nodded and left.


Vincent sat in the pool and looked into the waters... He sighed. "How I want to have a hot bath..." Vincent sighed.

Nessus came in, glad to have found Vincent alone. "His Highness requests you," he said gently. Vincent looked at Nessus.


"He requests me?" Vincent spoke in Quarassies.



Nessus smiled at him. "Come, he wants to see you." He took him by the shoulder. "You are cold, would you like clothing? I'm sure you can request his Highness of any needs. He likes to oblige his... interests."


Vincent tilted his head in confusion. One of his bad habits his father had told him. But Vincent obliged the orders and followed Nessus into the king's chambers where he huddled closer into his robes.


Sephiroth turned from the balcony to face Vincent. He was adorned with a huge, golden ornament around his neck and a white cotton wrap around his waist. His arms sported thick gold bracelets and his feet were adorned with golden sandals, laced up with thick leather strings with golden beads. Senay lazed in a corner, black tail flicking.


"I saw you yesterday night," Sephiroth began.


"You played the flute. The melodies were beautiful. You sang, and I was enraptured with your voice, though I did not know the words. You looked to the moon, and your voice was sad. Please, I do not want you to be sad in my palace. I appease all within my household. Ask and you shall receive."


 He walked up to Vincent and held a lock of his hair.


"You are beautiful, your beauty must be accented. A lotus is beautiful but it is appreciated more with its jewellery of leaves." He touched Vincent's face. "You are cold..." He turned to Nessus and told him to bring in servants to measure Vincent so that they could make him more clothing and jewellery. Nessus left and they were left in silence.



Vincent gazed at the floor, ashamed of himself. He was never going to sing in public again not even at night. Nobody.. NOBODY ever heard him sing other than his own mother. Sephiroth was offering him things, gold and silk.. He had no use. Nor had he have interest.


"All I ask for... Is a hot bath." Vincent asked. "Gold and jewellery does not appeal to me... They are just ornaments to cover what you truly are. They are masking items. To deceive the eye. The epitome of men's greed who kill for them." Vincent said softly, avoiding Sephiroth's gaze.


A hot bath...? That was an odd request. He ordered the servants to prepare a hot bath for Vincent. They undressed him and started oiling him and washing him. "Nonsense. That may have been true where you are from, but in Quarassies, gold and jewellery enhance beauty. They do not hide what is. And no one in Quarassies is hungry for gold. I daresay we have too much."



Vincent chuckled and smiled to himself. "So does our country.. The woman bath in them and the men fight over gold. Those warlords should be called idiot lords." Vincent laughed a bit, pulling his hand up to his mouth to smother his laughter.



Sephiroth smiled. He lay on a pile of furs which servants brought up for him. Once Vincent was finished with his bath, servants measured him, trying to find out what size clothing they should weave him. Other servants perfumed him and dressed him in over sized new clothes. Vincent raised both his arms and checked the clothes out. He was like a stick in a pile of clothing. Vincent turned to Sephiroth and tilted his head.


"I'm swimming in this shirt." Vincent joked before moving closer to Sephiroth. He just stood in front of the man in politeness, afraid that he might be too intruding if he were to sit next to his own master.



Sephiroth smiled. He led Vincent back to his bedroom. He called upon more servants to bring food. Sephiroth reclined on his couch again and motioned Vincent to sit next to him on the floor. A servant held a platter of non-messy finger foods. Vincent sat next to Sephiroth and watched the spread came before him. The prince was famished. He took some of the food and started eating. When he was done, he wiped his hands clean.


"You know...at first when I met you, I thought you were such a retarded bastard. You're not so bad after all." Vincent smiled fondly at him.



Sephiroth smiled. His newest harem boy was so clueless. He picked a grape occasionally for himself, but really, Vincent was supposed to do that. "I'm not?" he asked. "What made you change opinion? I had you whipped the day before yesterday." Vincent chuckled.



"I've been through worse. Don't worry. A bad person who hears me sing or see me half naked would be plotting to rape me any second now." Vincent chuckled again. "I think... I prefer it here rather than me own home." he whispered to himself sadly.



"Where did you live?" Sephiroth asked, not believing that his slave was a prince.



"In a land far far away. Where woman sang and danced in large banquet halls, where busy chatters among court officials fill the room of judgement.... Where I grew up... where I have died." Vincent replied.



Sephiroth was perplexed. "I do not understand. Is this poetry from your land?"



Vincent smirked. "I meant that I live very far from here in the heart of Saahal. Where the women who are invited to the main court halls to dance for entertainment while the court officials chatter away. I grew up in that environment. But when father died... My brother took over the throne and stripped me of my belongings and titles. He banished me to the furthest dept in the palace grounds and I was kidnapped in the night on my 20th birthday. And I was brought here." Vincent looked down on his food.


Sephiroth smiled. "Are you really the prince of Saahal?" he asked, disbelievingly.



"I am the prince if you believe me and I am your whatever you choose to believe."



Sephiroth sighed. "You realize that if I have the prince of Saahal in my harem that I can be thrown into war at anyone's merest whim?"



Vincent smiled and touched Sephiroth's hand. "A prince is not a prince when his own brother had kidnapped him to be given as a gift to a warlord.”


"I am not a warlord," Sephiroth said indignantly. "I have never led Quarassies into war and don't intend to. My people are peaceful, we have everything we want. They farm, they pray to the gods. I give them anything they need. Quarassies is the gift of the gods to the people of the world, and I rule these people. They will not go to war while I am king." Vincent flinched. So he was given as gift to a king eh? So much for returning home with a head.


"My lord.. I am sorry. But I serve no one other than myself." Vincent said. "If you choose to kill me now... I won't blame you. I have brought nothing than chaos and jealousy in this world. I don't deserve to live."



Vincent faced the king and smiled. "Do what ever you please with me. I won't fight back."



Sephiroth smiled. "Go to the harem. Do not tell anyone your name, or where your origins are. Your name is Vincent then, correct? Change it."



"My name is my name. I shall be called Vincent Valentine as always but I will deny my origin as you have stated." Vincent was stubborn but he knew his limits.



Sephiroth sighed. "If my country goes to war, you will be beheaded on the spot," he said. He motioned to the doorway. Nessus came in. "Escort him back to the harem," he said. "I'll see you soon... Vincent," Sephiroth said.



"You have no worries. I haven't been seen for 5 years and my name has disappeared from the book of descendants." Vincent whispered as he was lead outside back to the harem.

Sephiroth paced his room. Whether or not what Vincent said was true, thoughts of Saahal and the king where looming in his head. If the king indeed sent him his brother in a chest, this could be a setup for war.


 "Nessus," he called. "Call my advisors."



Vincent calmly walked back into the harem where the girls had mostly glared at him. Saran came up to him.


"So... did the king... do... 'Good' to you?" she asked slyly.



Vincent blushed and gasped. "SARAN!!" She giggled.


"Looks like the answer's no." Then she went away and continued her chatter with the other girls.



Vincent didn't like the harem. It was always so noisy. So he went out to the pool again and sat there, legs in the water. He really liked it there... it was peaceful and quiet.






Sephiroth sat on his golden throne in the marble hall. His advisors looked at him expectantly. He asked how they were doing on trade. Well. They were trading much gold and turquoise for silks. In another land, their lapis lazuli was highly valued and the country is offering rich gifts of different wood. Sephiroth nodded. Finally, the war advisor stood up. He was old, the country had not seen war in some time.


"We are equipped, and trained, but not many. If we should have a surprise attack by any of our neighbours, we should be in trouble." Sephiroth nodded.


"Then build more academies and armouries. Teach more citizens how to fight."



Suddenly one of the girls burst into the room. "The king just ordered to have more academies and armouries built! And citizens are told to be taught how to fight!" Chaos broke out.



 "We're going to war?! With which country??!"



Vincent sat in the pool and listened to the busy chatters.









Far in the country of Saahal, the king smirked.


"I see... so my little brother had finally triggered the little plan I conjured up. It's a good thing Quarassies has a smart king or else I'll just have to... send a message." he laughed evilly and retired to his bedroom leaving the court official shaken.


 "We must do something..." one of them quivered.



"If only the youngest prince was not captured. We could still find a loop hole in the king's will to make Prince Vincent the king." the other sighed sadly.






Vincent will approach Sephiroth later for this matter. Sephiroth sighed. The rumours spread through his city like wildfire. He decided to walk up to the temple and announce why he set them up.



"People of Quarassies," he called over the marketplace. Everyone was watching him. "It appears that many of you think we are going to war. We are not. My advisors tell me that there are just too few men able to hold up at least a sword. What if some local bandits try to steal some gold from the treasury? Do we let them? This is not about war, but education of the sword. Do not be so frightened." He smiled at his people. "In apology of these scare I brought, I announce a week of festivities, aimed at the Goddess of Peace!"



As night approached, Vincent requested an audience with Sephiroth. He approached the king's chambers through the pool area and waited for permission. Sephiroth looked at Vincent. "Yes?" he asked.


"Are you going to war?" Vincent asked breathlessly



"No. I'm preparing," Sephiroth answered. Vincent looks down sadly.


"I'm sorry."



"I'd rather know now than when your brother attacks." He sighed. "I'm missing two caravans that went to Saahal. I don't think they'll return."


Vincent chuckled and walked to the pool again and put his legs in the water.


 "Care to join me?"


Vincent patted the empty place next to him. "My brother... does have a thing with caravans."


Vincent tried very hard not to laugh but his body was betraying him. The prince's shoulders were shaking. Sephiroth looked at him.


"You're going to have to explain that."



~*To be Continued*~




A/N: So I’m feeling evil today and left you hanging… LOL I’m so bad… SPANK ME!! XDD


I’m updating not very often coz Avina’s gone to Russia and she can’t access the net there due to wireless problems and I can’t chat with her. T 3 T So I have to sparingly update D: I  know it’s hard on you guys but it’s harder on meh D8 I am DEPRIVED of SephVin to the point I ventured into Dante/Vincent Sephiroth/Vincent threesome. *dies*


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